Sunday, March 18, 2007

The second round

Victor & Pearl are at it again. The first baby of their 2nd clutch hatched yesterday. Here's a shot of the newborn...hungry!

gouldian finch hatchling

I took this photo today. I'm an obsessive nest checker once there are babies. There are at least 2 now, although only one is peeking out for this photo. Most of the time one or both of the parents have the babies & eggs completely covered.

gouldian finch hatchling


Mary said...

Susan, they are so sweet. I'm impressed they allow you to photograph them. I had barn swallows last summer that didn't mind me getting close, though.

Those are beautiful finches! I've never seen them before but I'm quite new at birding.

Susan said...

To see these guys in the wild, you would have to go to Australia. But there are quite a few people here in the US (like me) that keep them as pets and breed them.