Thursday, March 22, 2007


We've been putting mealworms out on our back patio every morning and evening. A palm warbler occasionally stops by for a worm or two. And our resident pair of mockingbirds will take all that they can get.

mockingbird eating mealworms

A mouthful...

mockingbird eating mealworms

They are parents, but their nest is too high in the tree for us to view the babies.

mockingbird nest


LauraHinNJ said...

I'll have to try some mealworms for my mockers!

Anonymous said...

just loved seeing your mockingbirds using up your mealworms! Great Post

Mary said...

I have so many mockingbirds that I'd need to buy a gallon of them! I enjoyed this!

Susan said...

We're back in NC now, so I hope our Florida mockingbirds are adjusting to life without our meal worms. Here in NC, the titmice and Carolina wrens are enjoying them. We don't have any mockingbirds here at our house. I guess our lot is too wooded.