Thursday, January 05, 2006

Passing the time

On our recent drive to Florida we decided to pass the time playing Birdchick & Cinnamon's travel game. But here's the thing - we saw zero eagles, not too many hawks, and way too many vultures. And what about those vultures flying overhead ... how are we supposed to know which side of the road they're on? Or do they only count if they're not in flight??? And what about those 2 great blue herons that I saw? I think they should count for something. Anyway, after the whole stretch of Route 95 through South Carolina we were both scoreless. All of our hawk points erased by those darn vultures!

Around the Georgia border, hubby moved to the passenger seat, closed his eyes and said "You watch, I'll be the rabbit." As for me, I switched to a new game - looking for cheap gas (yeah right) and a Dairy Queen at the same exit. No luck with that game either.

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