Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Missing the worms

Last year I made a promise to my husband that when we made our next annual trip to Florida, I would bring fewer pets. Of course, I did not mean the pups, so this meant selling or giving away some of my gouldian finches. And although I did sell a few and give away more than a few, I don't think my flock population decreased at all due to the summer baby boom. So, just like last year, the rear third of our minivan was filled with bird cages.

But this year, in a half-hearted attempt to "travel light", I didn't bring my mealworm colony. And I miss them. So does Liz, our little back porch pet lizard. Last year I tossed her mealworms & she would gobble them up. Liz of this year is smaller than Liz of last year and probably could use a mealworm feast once in awhile.

And when I baked an apple pie today, I thought of the worms - they love apple leftovers. If they were here, I would have given them this pile of peels & cores and by tomorrow, only the seeds would remain.

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