Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Christmas Eve Tradition

If you weren't a skier in the 1960s, you may not recognize this mode of transportation for getting to the top of the slope. Rope tows could be evil to those wearing a long scarf or a "stocking cap" as we called those really long hanging hats that we wore back then. If something made of yarn so much as brushed against the rope, the rope would "grab" it and start twisting. With a hat or mittens, this wasn't so bad ... you were just left with a cold head or hands. But a scarf tied around a neck, now that could be deadly. My parents owned this little ski area for about 10 years of my childhood. Luckily we never saw a death by scarf - everyone seemed to heed the "No scarves" warning signs.

This is me a few years later on a nice spring day. As you can see, I learned to relax. I still love spring skiing - to be able to enjoy the sport without freezing my toes & fingers is very nice indeed. But we've lived in North Carolina for 8 years and now I only ski once a year. Each year we spend Christmas at my parents' house in upstate NY and every December 24th the family members who aren't working spend the day on the slopes. So I don't get to choose the weather for my ski outing. This year we were lucky - temp about 35F. To most skiers, that would seem quite warm, but I take no chances. Each year December 23rd finds me at Dick's Sporting Goods buying those little disposable toe warmers and hand warmers. I love them!

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