Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What we've been missing...

Ten years ago we moved from upstate NY to North Carolina, but this is the first winter that we didn't head even farther south to Florida. We're really enjoying the winter here, and the wild birds love having us here to put out mealworms, Zick dough & sunflower seeds. Last week this little flock of cedar waxwings paid us a visit. Prior to this, I'd only seen waxwings at Cape May and my husband had never seen them.

cedar waxwings

Just 4 feet from our bubbling bird bath, they preferred to drink from a tiny puddle on our deck railing.

cedar waxwings


Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Glad you were there to take them. Waxwings always look so slick.

Mary said...

Susan, I think they were my most exciting new bird in 2007. Don't they look like painted birds? I can't wait to see them again - hundreds on the berries.

Lucky you!

Susan Gets Native said...

Waxwings are great all around....they are some of the most evolved birds. Did you know that they will share food with each other? I don't like to even give my kids a bite of my ice cream.

I wonder if some birds don't like moving water? That seems odd.

LauraHinNJ said...

Gosh - love them!

Susan said...

They are really sleek looking birds. I haven't seen any more since that day.
Susan, I'm with you about the sharing of food. Usually I don't even save a bite for the pups.