Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pine siskin

Our home was built in the 1960s as a summer lake house. It has a very high ceiling in the living room, lots of glass and apparently not much insulation. In an effort to keep the house a little warmer for the winter, we've covered our sliding glass doors with plastic - you know the kind they sell at Lowe's that you tape up, then shrink with a hair dryer until it's "crystal clear". Well, it's not crystal clear as you can tell by the cedar waxwing photos in my previous post.

For days I've been trying to take photos of the few pine siskins that hang out with the flocks of goldfinches at our feeders. For days, I've taken a lot of blurry photos through that layer of glass and plastic.

This morning I figured I was in luck. The door of our screen room had blown open and a pine siskin had flown inside and couldn't seem to find his way out. Camera! Time for some nice clear close up photos!

Hold still...

pine siskin

Hold still... (Click on the photo below to enlarge and you'll see he looks quite "ghostly" here with a transparent head.)

pine siskin

A little better...

pine siskin

Thank you!

pine siskin


Patrick B. said...

Cool pics! Even the blurry ones.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I like motion shots- they're fun. That last photo is really nice.

Mary said...

"Hold still..." Do you know how many times I say that while trying to get a bird pose?

Great shot of the pine siskin, Susan! I hope it made it out safely.

dguzman said...

Totally cool progression of shots! He finally realized he was supposed to be posing for you.

Susan said...

Always a challenge, trying to get a decent shot - thank goodness for digital cameras where I can take dozens and save a few.