Friday, January 25, 2008


Every morning our birds fly in for their daily ration of mealworms and Zick dough. This afternoon was clear & sunny - perfect for photos, so I put out a second serving to draw them in. The pine warblers and bluebirds always show up first.

Are those mealworms down there?

I thought so!

I love this one - it looks like I tossed a worm to him and he caught it...

As usual, the titmice and wrens were forced to wait until the bluebirds left.


Richard said...

Absolutely great pictures.

Mary said...

Wow! I'm envious of your bluebirds and your photos. I'm waiting for the bluebirds... Being patient.

Great photos, Susan! I'll probably come back to look again :o)

Yes, worms are the ticket.

dguzman said...

Sooooooo envious of your birds and photos! I wish I had the chance to watch who is eating my mealworms, but I usually have to work. I keep trying to wait during the weekends, but it gets so freakin' cold! Still, the worms disappear pretty fast.

Susan said...

Thanks everyone. Delia, I know what you mean about the cold. The day I took these photos, it was sunny with no wind and I still felt like a popsicle after sitting still out there for an hour taking photos. Hubby & I are cold weather wimps which is why we moved to NC.

Aaren said...

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