Monday, October 16, 2006

One more house guest

Thursday morning we took a walk with our neighbor and this boy followed us home. He wandered around our house to check things out, then wandered back up the road.

stray beagle

Saturday afternoon we saw him lying in the handicapped parking spot of the fire station at the end of our road. I took a drive back up there take to him some dinner and water. One of the volunteer firemen was there and he told me that the dog had been hanging around there since Thursday. He (the fireman) didn't seem entirely happy about the food delivery (although they had fed him earlier that morning and had left a pail of water on the porch) and informed me that the dog couldn't live there. On the other hand, the dog was very happy with his new bowl of kibble. I told the fireman that I would call a woman who rescued strays and I headed home. When I got home I made the call, and got the reply "I don't do that anymore." Hmmm - such an adorable sweet dog. Well, somebody will probabaly take him home, I thought.

Saturday evening... getting cold...temps supposed to drop into the 30s during the night... return to the fire station, lift him (he's a lot heavier than a chihuahua) into the back of the car and bring him home to spend the night on a pillow in our garage.

Sunday morning ... post his photo on the bulletin boards at Food Lion and Washburn's Marina and pass his photo around at church. Nope, nobody knows him.

Sunday evening... where is he? Drive to the firestation... yep, he's there. Open the back door of my car and he hops in. Back to our garage.

Monday morning ... place an ad in the paper. Monday evening, he's still here. No need to drive to the fire station tonight. Named him "Harold". Husband still says we can't keep him. Stay tuned.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Sounds like Harold has chosen his home! :)

Good luck with husband! Maybe Harold will work his magic.

Susan Gets Native said...

Welcome, Harold!


Anonymous said...

Aw, keep him!

Susan said...

Doesn't look like hubby will change his mind. Now my visting sister-in-law is trying to convince her husband to let her bring him home (to NY) with her. Unfortunately he's not down here with her to see how unbelievably sweet he is.

Anonymous said...

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