Tuesday, July 17, 2007


When a plastic flamingo appears on our dock, it can only mean one thing -

plastic pink flamingo

it's time for the annual FABS scavenger hunt.

Lake Gaston jetski club

The FABS (Flying Aqua Babes) are the Lake Gaston lady jetskiers. My husband's granddaughter is visiting & she said "they're old! It's like the Red Hat Ladies on jetskis!

Lake Gaston Flying Aqua Babes


Anonymous said...

Hey, that looks like fun. I'm going to retire to a river next spring and I think I'll start one of those old ladies on jetski's clubs! HA

Mary said...

Oh, I'd like to see that!

Susan said...

that sounds like a good idea - happy retirement!

Anonymous said...

I have been trying all summer to contact someone from FABS to join in on the fun without any luck. Can you help me? Judy

Melissa said...

Love it! How can I joint???? Who can I call? Can someone let me know thanks (mteets@mac.com)