Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Breakfast for bluebirds

We have really enjoyed watching this pair of bluebirds the past couple of weeks. They are trained to come for breakfast or dinner when we ring a bell. The titmice and Carolina wrens haven't caught on to the bell signal yet, so sometimes the meal worms are gone by the time they show up.


bluebirds eating mealworms

Dig in!

bluebirds eating mealworms

Usually both of them eat a dozen or so worms, then the female steps aside and the male picks up 4 or 5 worms at a time and feeds the female. Very cute - one of these days I'll get a photo of him feeding her.


Mary said...

This is great, Susan! A dinner bell for bluebirds! If the titmice ever catch on, I'd like to see it. They're always flying away from me. This is the second sweet photo I've seen of BBs and mealworms. For another cute shot, look at Jayne's


LauraHinNJ said...

Oh they're so pretty and well-trained!