Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cocohatchee tour

Some friends came for a visit on Wednesday and we went on a boat tour on the Cocohatchee River. Here are a few photos I took that afternoon. There's been no shortage of pelican photos on my blog lately, but I couldn't resist posting one more - his mouth is full & I think I see a fish fin sticking out of his beak.

pelican eating

I like how the next photo turned out. The egret's wings look like a parachute or a jellyfish with a bird head on the top.

great egret

A second later..

great egret

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dguzman said...

Great photos! Definitely can see a fishy in that pelican's gullet or whatever you call it!

I've actually seen an egret strike that pose with the umbrella wings once, in a Charleston marsh; she was maybe shielding her young from a very hot sun. It was amazing to watch her, frozen like that, probably getting muscle cramps, for over half an hour.