Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anhinga anhinga

Last year we went on a guided nature walk led by a very nice volunteer named Tom from the Nature Conservancy. My conversation with Tom turned to birds, naturally, and I mentioned that we were beginner birders. Tom's not a beginner. Somehow we got onto the subject of genus/species names for birds and I mentioned that I thought I would like to try to memorize the genus and species names, along with the common names, for the birds that I was learning to identify. Tom informed me that I already knew one - "You know what an Anhinga is, don't you?" I replied "yes". "Well, its genus/species is Anhinga anhinga." Well, it's been a year & that's still the only one that I've memorized. Thanks Tom!

I took this photo a couple days ago. This anhinga was right outside our back door - the first time I've seen one right here at our place.

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