Friday, September 08, 2006

She can do sudoku????

I learned today that Honeycomb has a talent for sudoku puzzles - my kind of bird!

After solving the puzzle, she gets ready for a nap in her favorite "bed".


Susan Gets Native said...

Your finches are sweet!
I need help with my two parakeets. Ever since I got them, they are more interested in each other and could care less if I am there. I guess I should have just gotten one. But I wanted them to be happy.

Xtreme English said...

incredible photos! and incredibly sweet and smart little bird!! heck, i can't even do sudoku.

btw, do you have TWO of these things? one on blogger and one on wordpress?

Peggy's mom

Susan said...

to Susan -
I used to raise parakeets & think they are great pets! You're right, it's harder to tame them if there are two of them, but I probably not impossible. Maybe you could try taking them out of the cage separately to try training them to hop on your finger.

to xtreme english -
thank you for the compliment on my photos & "no" I don't have 2 blogs - just this one on blogger - hard enough to keep up with one!