Friday, August 18, 2006

A visit from Monkey

Seems like I'm about due for a Monkey post. He still comes by for a visit most days and I took these photos yesterday morning. Some days he just wants to eat and run, but yesterday it was all about play-time. Up my leg...

squirrel climbing leg

On my arm and a little too close to the camera lens...

squirrel on arm

and in my face!

squirrel in face

No, he doesn't usually jump at my face and it looks a little scary in the photo with those little rodent teeth showing, but it was really just a split-second of over-exuberant play. One second he was sitting on my shoulder and the next thing I knew, he had leaned over to get a closeup view of my nose.


LauraHinNJ said...

!!!! He's nibbling your nose - is that a squirrely kiss?

Monkey is too cute!

Susan Gets Native said...

How cute! Monkey is a good name for a squirrel!