Wednesday, May 24, 2006

He's come a long way!

Today was the big day for Monkey - his venture out to the great big world that until today he's only viewed from our screen room. He did great - I'm so proud of my little boy... climbing trees and performing death defying stunts 40 feet off the ground and making friends his first day out! I spent hours watching him and today I'm having some wierd back pain, that I'm quite sure is related to the hours I spent looking up.

Here's a photo taken the day that he was brought to me (Easter Sunday):

baby squirrel

Here's Monkey sunbathing on our screen porch (his home until today) just before I opened the door to let him outside:

squirrel in the sun

Here he is just after I released him - he came to life!

squirrel rehabilitation

Pup1 doesn't miss Monkey at all - she finally has her sunny screen room back...



LauraHinNJ said...

Is it just me or does that last pic show him climbing up a pole to a bird feeder??? ;-)

Good for you - bet you'll miss him!

Susan said...

No bird feeder on that pole - just a fern and an unoccupied bird house - I think he was just having fun climbing.