Friday, July 01, 2005


Here's a photo of Big Red. He's not the biological father of these two juveniles, but he's been the one to feed them ever since they fledged. Now Big Red has brand new babies of his own in the nest, and he's not so inclined to feed his adopted children - which is OK, because they really can eat on their own.

On to the haiku:
The Binghamton (NY) Press ran a haiku contest for area school children. They asked students to send in their best haiku poem about either the end of the school year or what they most look forward to during summer. There were over 600 entries and my nephew's poem was one of the few printed in the paper:

Locked within these walls
The clock seems to be frozen
The bell rings -- we're free!

So, inspired by my nephew, I thought I would write a haiku about Big Red and his adopted children:

Daddy please feed me!
An unwelcome response - "No"
New babies come first.

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