Friday, May 13, 2005

The mallards

Each spring our pair of "pet" mallard ducks begin their daily visits. We named them Hale and Bopp, after the comet. Sometime in the early summer, they usually stop making their daily visits, just to return later in the summer to show off their new family. This is a photo of Bopp with the 2004 kids.
This year I'm quite sure we have a new Hale and Bopp. New Hale and Bopp won't come within 10 feet of us. Old Hale and Bopp would eat out of our hands, and if we didn't wander outside with food whenever they quacked, they would waddle up onto our deck and tap at the back door. And I'm not making this up - if we didn't come to the back door when they tapped, they would waddle off the deck, around the garage and tap at the front door.

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Anonymous said...

As hard as this may be to believe she is telling the complete truth. I was a little sceptical of this story when she told me last summer but when I saw it with my own two eyes I was shocked. They want their food and they want it now! LOL! Hale and Bopp are the cutest and smartest malards I have ever seen, and their little babies they bring by are so adorable!