Monday, May 16, 2005

Every once in awhile something frightens the birds in my aviary, causing them to fly violently into the walls and windows. When this happens multiple times in one day, it usually means just one thing - a hawk! Typically I then try to chase the offending predator away by lobbing stones at him as he stares down at me from his "birds eye view" perch. The hawk is never in any danger during this activity, because although I once played a halfway decent first base, I "threw like a girl" and still do.
Today was a little different - three "freak out" incidents in the aviary, but we could not find the cause. After the fourth time, I finally found him in a tree just outside the aviary window. A little screech owl this time, not a hawk. To me he looked small and adorable. Finches must see him differently.

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