Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lake Gaston

Early morning (at least for me)

Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston


Shelley said...

I loved the lake photos - morning is my favorite time on our deck overlooking the lake.

Mary said...

Beautiful. How are your Osprey nests?

Anonymous said...

Great pics!! It looks so serene. So calm. So relaxing. So...aaahhh.

dguzman said...

Your lake's surface is like glass.

Susan said...

It is beautiful in the morning - too bad I don't enjoy those early mornings often enough.
Mary - no osprey in the platform - maybe next year!

Solet Spot said...

Hey, i really enjoy reading your blog and looking at the beautiful pictures you post. I Love lake Gaston!!! I stayed there for two months last summer, and it was absolutely beautiful!!

and early morning is the BEST out there!!