Thursday, February 07, 2008

A turkey vulture - for Lynne???

My BIGBY 2008 list is up to 37 species, but until yesterday, the turkey vulture was conspicuously absent from my list. Sure, I'd see them soaring while I was driving, but that doesn't count for BIGBY. Yesterday we finally saw some soaring while we were walking. Susan's post about vultures last week was for Lynne. Does Lynne like vultures? I didn't know that about her, but if so, this post is for her too!

turkey vulture at Lake Gaston

I took this photo last summer - click to enlarge the photo & check out that hole in the top of his beak. I think I could hook my pup's leash to that!


Susan Gets Native said...

Lynne is NUTS about vultures. Well, I guess someone's gotta be.

Those nostrils are awesome, aren't they? That helps all those yummy smells get in.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

DANG!! What a cool bird! What's not to like- smooth black feathers, that bumpy red head so pretty, those big thoughtul eyes, and the best is that beautiful pearly white beak! I AM nuts about vultures (and maybe just plain nuts too). Thanks for the post Susan and for thinking of me.

Mary said...

Lynne like TVs but I wonder if she likes Black ones?

That's a great photo - the brown feathers showing in the sun. But that face? ...oh, well.