Sunday, December 30, 2007

BIGBYing 2008

Most Sundays I keep a tally of the birds that I see at our home and I enter the info in eBird. My rules for this count are that I must see or hear the birds while standing somewhere on our property (1 wooded acre & a dock on Lake Gaston).

For 2008 I'll be expanding my count territory as per the rules of BIGBY, Big Green Big Year - birding without creating carbon emissions. I first read about this on Laura Erickson's blog, then again on Delia's blog. I signed up for the self-propelled BIGBY, which allows the use of a bicycle or a canoe. I love the idea of this - so low-key - perfect for the gal who does most of her winter birding from the hot-tub on the deck. OK, maybe the hot tub is not so green, but in our defense, we keep the heat turned down in the winter & almost never run air-conditioning during our steamy North Carolina summers.

canoe on Lake Gaston


Mary said...

Great idea! Good luck with your count. Looks so enjoyable.

Hot tub sounds heavenly, too :o)

LauraHinNJ said...

I can just see you paddling along, looking at birds Susan! Sounds like so much fun. Look forward to hearing more about your counts!

Susan said...

I think it will be a few months before we use the canoe. I'm ready for spring already!

dguzman said...

Wow, that canoe photo is awesome, Susan. Very evocative.

I'm ready for spring too!