Friday, October 05, 2007

My husband's fan club

OK, I'm his biggest fan, but he has some groupies...

Here's our favorite girl - we call her "Beakless"

Not totally beakless, but if you click this photo to enlarge, you can see that she is missing a piece of her bill, making her appear that her tongue is sticking out.

I like how the next photo turned out - the pink is a geranium flower on our dock.


Susan Gets Native said...

Oh, what a trooper, that duck!~
The beak can grow back if there is enough of the "bed" left. They are like fingernails...but it seems that she is doing okay!
Birds are tough, aren't they? We wouldn't be walking around like everything was fine if part of our face broke off!
We had a Canada goose here in Loveland that was flying around with an arrow in it's neck, and it took about 3 weeks and a zillion people to find it again and catch it.

Susan said...

I'm glad to hear that the beak might grow back, but yes she does seem to be fine. She's the bossiest of the gang.