Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Snake haiku

I often check my Site Meter to see how people find my blog. Sometimes it's a referral from another blog that links to mine - (thank you Sharon, Laura, Lynn, other Laura ...) Often people find it through a Google search - usually the search terms are something like "Lake Gaston", "gouldian finches", "finch aviary" or "indoor aviary". Every once in awhile it's a little wierd like the person who searched for "snake haiku" and found their way to my blog. Hmm... yes, I had a post about a snake in our house last year and a totally separate post about my nephew winning a haiku contest, but alas, no snake haiku in this blog.

But in the event that another googler comes looking for a snake haiku - here's (a very bad) one about the black rat snake that we found in our house last year, who was kind enough to leave through the same little hole (now plugged with caulk) without eating any of my little finches.

Black snake slithered in -
And left with empty tummy.
My finches thank you.

I don't have a photo of the snake, but here's a photo of some of the finches that he didn't eat.

gouldian finches

Oh, and for the record, mine was not the only blog that showed up when I googled "snake haiku" - two of my favorite blogs also made the list - Julie Zickefoose & Dharma Bums. I didn't delve into them to see if they had really posted a snake haiku, but I suspect not.


LauraHinNJ said...

Glad that snake never to those pretty birds!

I'm always amazed by the strange search strings that bring people to my blog!

Susan Gets Native said...

I write about so many different things, I can't imagine what Google would come up with linked to my blog!

Your little cuties are precious.

Susan said...

Thanks Laura & Susan!