Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mommy, I'm bored ...

I spent a little time today experimenting with the "auto bracket" option on my camera. Each press of the shutter button automatically takes 3 photos - one at the set exposure, one with less exposure, then one with more exposure. With this set of three, it wasn't only the exposure that changed ... apparently Pup1 was getting a little bored as my subject and the photos captured the various stages of her big yawn.


Julie Zickefoose said...

Pups are beyond adorable. Love that yawn!!!
Thank you so much for the nice photo for my blog,used it today. It was great to meet you!
PS Methinks your "mommy" osprey is a daddy. The girls generally wear a bra (marks on the upper breast) while the males are clean white.
Lucky you to see a croc! Only reptiles we saw at Ding were small and skittery.


Susan said...

Thanks for the info about the male vs. female osprey. Once you showed me the error of my ways, I thought about changing the captions, but decided to leave it as is, because I just don't think that daddys do the "hands on hips" scolding thing that mommys do.

Susan Gets Native said...

I absolutely HAVE to see if my camera has that function! I wish I could yawn the way our dog looks thorough!

I like your blog! Will be visiting again!