Monday, February 20, 2006

Red bellied woodpecker

When it comes to volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, there’s always a choice to be made (that’s after the choice of actually getting out of bed at 6am & showing up for the work). Do I want to learn something new or “just paint”? My husband and I often choose to “just paint”. The first time because it was 38 degrees and windy outside, and painting indoors seemed like a good alternative, even though it would most likely result in turning a perfectly good fleece top into “paint clothes”. After that day I decided that I like to paint — it’s a job that I can do just as well as the men, I'm able to listen to my iPod while I work, I don’t come home exhausted and the chance of injury is slim.
But today we chose a different task - floor tiling. I enjoyed it a lot - the woman (also a volunteer) who supervises the tiling was knowledgeable, helpful and even let us newbies use her brand new tile cutter. The downside - I did come home exhausted and my legs ache ... a lot.

I know these photos don't jive with my post, but this guy is a lot prettier than our tiling job anyway.

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