Saturday, December 10, 2005


While sitting on the beach Thursday evening I thought about a chapter in Frank McCourt's book, "Tis", where he wrote about his plan for a perfect evening, enjoying three of his favorite things simultaneously: lemon meringue pie, ginger ale and a play (or movie, can't remember which). The plan didn't exactly pan out for him and he ended up eating his pie in the bathroom of the theater.

This is what brought that story to my mind: three of my favorite relaxation activities are knitting, yoga and bird watching. And here I was sitting on the beach, spine perfectly straight in a half-lotus position, knitting a scarf, and watching the shore birds skittering in the beach foam. What could be better than this? Maybe having my husband sitting beside me .... with chocolate.

I was the only person on the beach until a man with a glass of wine (why didn't I think of that?) walked by and said "don't be alarmed if a big bear type animal comes lumbering along". I replied "OK", continued my activities and promptly forgot his warning until this (photos below) showed up beside my ear.

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