Saturday, November 12, 2005

Taking it easy ...

I have a comforter (really thick, really comfortable, really flowery) that my grandmother gave me when I was in my teens. Without getting too specific, that was about 30 years ago. She also gave similar ones to my sister and my 3 cousins at the same time. When I pulled mine out at a family reunion out a few years ago, they all remembered them, but not surprisingly, theirs had all gone missing somewhere along the line.

This is not a comforter that gets put away in a closet and forgotten. I use it often. Most evenings I pull it out along with about 6 pillows and Pup 1 and I snuggle in front of the television. After hurricane Katrina, I gave a lot of thought about things that I would take with me if I ever had to evacuate, and Grandma's comforter is definitely on my short list.

For the last month I've used it many afternoons for my lazy bird watching. (The birds aren't lazy, I am.) We've had no shortage warm sunny days this fall and many afternoons I've spread the comforter out on our dock and spent some time looking up. When these vultures started circling directly above me,
I decided that I must be lying a little too still.

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