Monday, June 27, 2005


A mini-Christmas in June seems to have become a tradition around our house. Each December we head north to spend Christmas with our families, return home to NC for a few days, unpack gifts and repack for our trip (farther) south for the winter. In April we return to NC with barely a memory of our Christmas gifts.
Three years ago my sister gave us a mini-cooler which plugs into a car's cigaratte lighter. We brought it home, put it away (hey - it was winter - who needs a cooler then?) and forgot about it until June when visiting friends mentioned how useful they were finding the car cooler that they had recently purchased.
Two years ago my neice bought us a blow up float to use in the lake (her first ebay purchase - we were so proud of her). We put it away for warmer weather and didn't remember it until she visited in June and asked where it was.
Today my birds were the recipient of a forgotten Christmas gift - this little bird feeder which they love!


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